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USB to DMX 51

Super small


USB -> DMX512

in a XLR connector!

The USB -> DMX512 "Oksidizer USB2DMX" interface is a highly integrated and low cost controller.
It runs on every PC with a USB port and  Windows┬« 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.

The electronic schematics, the PCB drawings, the microcontroller source code, the DLL source code and  the build instructions, have all been published in the September 2006 release of  Elektor electronics magazine.

(Deutche ├╝bersetzung : Elektor)
(Hollands translaat : Elektuur)

NOTE : we don't build and sell these items anymore.

Technical features :

 USB 1.1 Microcontroller chip (Microchip PIC16C745)

All the electronic is fitted inside a 3 pin female XLR connector

512 DMX channels

42 frame per second with a USB 2.0 host computer (a little bit less with a USB 1.0 host computer)

WARNING : The DMX RS-485 bus driver is not electrically isolated from the USB bus. It is recommended to use a DMX512 opto-isolator.

Compatible with the latest release of the FreeStyler software.

Visual Basic and Visual C++ free demo application with source code downloadable for free.



Download :

Drivers for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 & XP :      

Drivers for Windows Vista & Windows 7:      installation instructions

Visual Basic and C++ demo software:

Visual Basic 6.0 example by ManMartin :

MasterPeace free DMX512 software desk :

DMX Control free software :

FreeStyler DMX512 control application:

Open Source PC_DIMMER  :
(Sources :