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DMX 512 for parallel port

OksiD DMX 3/1

3 ouputs 1 input !
OksiD DMX 3/1 is a Standard Parallel Port DMX 512 interface for IBM compatible PCs.

DMX512 is a standard protocol for professional lighting control. It is based on the RS-485 standard.

The OksiD DMX 512 controller has 3 output Universes and 1 input Universe (a Universe is a set of 512 DMX channels).
Both input and output have fully buffered 512 channels.

This DMX 512 interface works under Windows 95, 98, XP and Linux. So you can use our controller under your favorite OS!

It is an Open project. All source code and schematics are available for free.
But they are not Public Domain, they are available under the terms of the OSI approved BSD license.

Performance rates of the DMX512 controller:
Write one Universe : 40 Writes per seconde.
Write three Universes, read one Universe : 9.8 R/W per seconde. The prototype:

The DMX512 interface is based on 3 Microchip PIC18F452 at 32MHz.
Click to view the complete schematic :
The U$2 and U$3 PICs are optional. You can remove them if you only need one Input and one Output Universe. You don't need to modify the software. You should add a pull-up resistor on PIN 23.

Download the full PIC assembler source code and the Eagle Schematics!

Sources :

PCB drawings  (thanks to CheeseE!!!)  :

GPL Linux drivers for DMX 512 controller:

Open Source Windows 95,98,XP driver and sample applications in VB/VC++ :
Windows Developer Kit :

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