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Miscellaneous source code

auto_detect.tar.gz An attempt to create a Debian graphical installation system.
httpd.c.gz A web server. (This is a serious competitor for Apache ;-)
LabelMaker-1.0.1.tar.gz A tool to create code bar. Use wxWindow. 100% unusable.
blue.tar.gz A perl http server. Usefull for debuging.
djoksid_0.0.1.tar.gz A simple sampler to play sounds with the keyboard.
spe_20011225.tar.gz Linux kernel 2.4.X pcmcia driver for Silicom ethernet card.
fvwm-2.2.4.utf.patch.gz Enable UTF-8 string display in FVWM 2.2.4 using the Xutf8 library.
vector.cpp test.avi Image change detection.


Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Jean-Marc Lienher