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Just have brought a new audio cd ?

You want to rip it ?

It works but there is some additional noise on the tracks ?

Well, it seems that it is a copy protected CD (Corrupt audio disc) and your cdrom reader is not able to read it correctly!
    Note that it seems that these cdrom readers are able to read this kind of bad cd without problem :
  • Pelxtor pleXWriter 8/2/20 firmware 1.05 (reported to work with Linux 2.4.10 and cdda2wav cdrtools-1.11)
  • ...

Glitch Killer is made for you!

Glitch killer is a Linux® & Windows® tool that will remove all audible glitches !

Remove your thorns...

Note that it is illegal to share your MP3s with tools like i.e. WinMX !

For more information about "copy protected" audio CDs see http://uk.eurorights.org/issues/cd/

Download Glitch killer V2.1

Glitch killer is a free software

Executable (Windows® 95/98/XP) : gk2.zip

Source code (Visual C++® 6.0 & Linux) : gk2.tar.gz

Have you brought a CD to listen to it at 32kHz 8bits ?



Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Jean-Marc Lienher